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About Time Education

Began in 1995

Time Education Inc, formerly Time College, began in 1995. We provide top quality tutoring services, covering all academic levels from Elementary to College and University. Time Education is a small-group/one on one style tutoring company with three locations across Greater Vancouver.

About Time Education

Specialized in Education

about-us-1Time Education Inc, formerly Time College, began in 1995. We provide top quality tutoring services, covering all academic levels from Elementary to College and University. Time Education is a small group/one on one style tutoring company with three locations across Greater Vancouver. Current campuses are in south Surrey, Richmond, and Vancouver.

We assist many students in a successful application to Ivy League Universities, including Princeton and Stanford. Our students have attended a number of renowned post-secondary institutions, including our own well-known local universities, UBC and SFU. We also have confidence and fully guarantee entry into a university program upon successful completion of all entrance requirements demanded by the institution of your choice.

about-us-2We have a strong faculty which includes school teachers with valid BC provincial accreditation and university professors. We offer various courses in both Chinese and English, ranging from K-12 all subjects, AP/IB classes, ESL upgrading, English Test preparation (SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, LPI, GRE), BC Provincial Exam preparation, etc. Our teachers dedicate themselves to helping students improve their overall academic performance and assisting them to achieve their desired goals.

Our principal, Dr. Tang, has amassed a great wealth of teaching experience over the past several decades. He has personally helped a number of students gain admission to Ivy League Universities across the United States and to other famous universities all over the world.

Board of Teachers

Star Instructor Team

Alex Tang


Mr.Tang is Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry teaching expert. Graduated from Shanghai Tongji University, he has been working in the education field for 20 years. His students are everywhere, many of them went to top universities throughout the United States. His educational philosophy is: if you really want your child to excel, a good foundation is crucial. There is no way for easy success. Mr.Tang’s practical philosophy has attracted many students and parents to trust Time Education. Mr Tang is very strict with selecting well qualified teachers for our students. He strongly believes teacher’s quality has a direct impact on the quality of the study and the achievement of students.



Star Instructor in English

Janis graduated from the University of London, where she obtained an MA in Language Education and a BA in French and Philosophy. Janis taught language at Secondary School for many years in England, where she was Head of the Modern Languages Department. Since coming to Canada, she has taught the BC curriculum through Nature and Environmental Programs, and thus she is very familiar with BC curriculum. Being an experienced teacher and tutor, it is an intrinsic part of her teaching and planning to encourage all students by addressing different learning styles and by using formative assessment. When not teaching, Janis is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction and an avid reader.


Star Instructor in English

Sean has received IELTS training with Cambridge University and also has considerable Academic and General IELTS preparation experience in speaking, listening, reading and writing components. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from UBC and extensive instructional experience in world history and literature. He also helps learners to improve their English language skills and prepares them for language proficiency tests such as the SSAT, SAT and the LEAP program. Learners at Time Education rate him highly in helpfulness, clarity, subject knowledge and politeness.

Sean-smaller size-min


Star Instructor in English

Vania holds a BA in English and History and a B. Ed., both from Simon Fraser University. She is passionate about teaching and helping her students develop interest and confidence in language arts, whilst also making connections in history, culture, and current events. She started tutoring elementary school students while still in high school and has continued on to tutor every grade level from G1 to university literature. In her free time, she has volunteered as a youth counsellor and enjoys leading summer camps.


Star Instructor in Math&Science

Bo graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physics. He specializes in teaching undergraduate and high school math and physics courses with a focus on the BC curriculum. During Bo’s undergraduate years, he has been tutoring first-year university physics and calculus in spare time while maintaining excellent grades in school. Bo is able to adjust the difficulty of course level, which contributes to the great improvement of students’ academic performance. He is also fluent in both English and Mandarin and can adopt different languages and teaching methods according to students’ various cultural backgrounds. Bo spares no efforts to make the course attractive since he believes that the only tip to success is the interest, just as he is passionate about teaching.

Joshua Zhang


Star Instructor in Math&Science


Joshua graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with BA in mathematics and physics and M.S. in Material Science and Engineering. During the undergraduate studies, he has tutored first and second-year Calculus, General Physics, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis and university chemistry courses. When Joshua was pursuing the master degree, he made outstanding research achievements and published several research articles in top physics journals, which indicates his excellent academic ability and provides him an opportunity to hone his presentation skills. After graduation, he came to Canada and started tutoring high school students Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry of all levels under BC curriculum. In his opinion, in order to realize effective teaching, the students are supposed to work hard while the teacher needs to be not only knowledgeable but also have a comprehensive understanding of students’ needs, altering the teaching methods and strategies.


Star Instructor in English

Crystal understands very well how it feels to struggle with English as a second language because she experienced it herself when she immigrated to Canada at a very young age. She graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Arts in History and English Literature and has over 12 years of experience teaching all age groups from elementary to adult. Crystal teaches Social Studies, curriculum English, ESL/ELL, French and Test prep Eng 12 Provincial, LPI, IELTS.  Over the years, Crystal had lived and worked in many cities in Canada, USA, and China so she is familiar with different types of education systems.  She had especially enjoyed teaching the Cambridge A Level program at Nanjing Foreign Languages School where she also became a certified Examiner for CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) Oral English and Written Exams. Crystal believes learning should be an enjoyable and natural experience.  “Learning happens when you barely even notice it; but you still have to work hard!” Crystal also has a special interest in learning Chinese language and literature and pursues writing and Chinese-English translation of literary works.

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Star Instructor in English

Elena has studied English and Economics in Ivy league universities and gained both degrees in the UK before continuing in a graduate program in UBC focusing on TESL and Literature. Currently, she is furthering her academic studies as a Phd candidate in Literature in UBC. She has been working as a teacher for the past 10 years, teaching both subjects to college level, and her focus is on English subjects. She has lots of experience teaching English literature, Poetry, Academic writing and reading, Provincial Exams, SAT, SSAT and ESL as well as Language Test Classes such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. She started off her career in a public school in the UK teaching English subjects and ESL to immigrants. And then she continued working in private schools and colleges in different countries around the world and has taught both large classes and small groups/ individuals. Elena’s teaching style is flexible and her focus is student centred to ensure that students will be able to maximize their own potentials.


Star Instructor in Math&Science

Kevin graduated in SFU with double majors in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. With great interests in Mathematics, he spent all of the free credits on math-related courses, which contributed to his excellent logical reasoning ability. Kevin is proficient in teaching high school level Math and Physics and his vivid and lively teaching method win lots of good comments from both students and parents. He believes instead of focusing on the final answers, it’s more indispensable for students to build critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In Kevin’s class, students are highly motivated because of the relaxing atmosphere and interesting contents.

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Mrs Xiao

Star Instructor in Math&Science

Mrs Xiao graduated from UBC, holding a master of Engineering. She has been teaching at New Oriental School in China for many years which makes her a lot of valuable teaching experience. She is an expert at various preparation tests in Math, such as SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IB and AP, and also some other academic courses of online schools. She is willing to find individual ways to help students in understanding and solving their problems. Mrs Xiao’s teaching method is to motivate and stimulate students’ learning abilities, often encouraging learning through experience, and to keep updating with changes in the curriculum and developments in best practice.


Star Instructor in English

Colleen has been teaching for 16 years.  She graduated from the teacher education program at UBC in 2000 and has a BCCT certificate.  She also holds a BA in English from SFU.  After teaching for 5 years in middle schools in BC, She went to South Korea for 2 years to teach ESL to elementary and middle school students.  Following her return from Korea, she completed a TESL certificate at International House. For the past 9 years, she has been teaching ESL in the Vancouver area and has taught both children and adults.  She enjoys teaching very much because she loves to see students learn and grow.



Star Instructor in English

Karen graduated from U.B.C. with a BA in History, a MEd. in Teacher-Librarianship, and a TESL Certificate. When she completed her BA, she entered the Education Faculty in UBC. After graduation, she worked for the Coquitlam School District for 21 years and got tons of experience getting along with international and ESL students. While at Riverside Secondary School, she created 3 district award-winning clubs to help International/ESL students adjust to Canada. While working in the school library she gathered together a collection of graded books for ESL students to read, which greatly facilitated their English learning. Karen is good at teaching Social Studies 9 & 10, and all levels of ESL. She is popular among students for her attractive teaching method, responsible personality, and detailed lesson plans.


Star Instructor in Math&Science

Jing Wang graduated from UBC with the Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Mathematics. She specializes in teaching all-level math and physics, especially the advanced level math courses. Having a well-rounded understanding of the current BC curriculum, Jing is willing to spare no efforts to satisfy students’ various study needs and provide tailored lessons according to their different learning styles. Both students and parents speak highly of Jing not only because of her patient and amiable character, but also the flexible and detailed teaching method.



Star Instructor in Math&Science

Peter holds a BSc in Biology and is enrolled in BEd program at UBC – he is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society for his academic excellence. Peter is passionate about science education and committed to making learning easier for students at all levels. He has a long experience of tutoring high school students and has also worked as a peer tutor for introductory biochemistry course at UBC. Peter now teaches math and science at Time Education.


Star Instructor in English

Michael holds a B.Sc. in Engineering (University of Alberta-1984) and a TESOL Certificate (Vancouver Community College-2013). He is a native English speaker and has taught both local and international students since 2013. Michael is dedicated to helping students achieve their scholastic goals by motivating them to learn quickly and thoroughly. He specializes in tutoring grades 1 to 10 English, Science, Social Studies, Math, as well as ESL, SSAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.  Michael connects with students to fully assess and meet their specific needs using specially tailored lessons.  He gives students advice on study strategies and lessons appropriate for their level based on current BC curriculum. Michael is committed to helping students improve their understanding of subject materials, improve their ability to make connections, and improve critical thinking.  Michael looks forward to providing excellent tutoring to all his students – helping them gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed. Students have rated Michael as a very helpful and caring teacher whose classes they enjoy.



Star Instructor in English

Katy graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Linguistics. She spent her last year of undergrad on exchange in Scotland, where she studied English Language and Linguistics at the University of Glasgow. It helped her to gain a better understanding of English learning and teaching and enriched her academic background. Katy used to volunteer at SFU’s Student Learning Commons as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) Peer Educator for two years and she also has experience working as a journalist at Vancouver Bilingual Newspaper, which enables her to hone writing and communicative skills. Both Katy’s working experience and academic background have prepared her well for her current position tutoring subjects such as ESL, BC school curriculum English, and SSAT. Katy is quite popular among all level students according to her detailed teaching method and amiable character.


Star Instructor in Math& Science

Cherry graduated from both Xiamen University, Biology major, and the University of Waterloo, Honors Biology and Mathematics Minor. Cherry will soon graduate from the Experimental Medicine Program at the University of British Columbia. Cherry is proficient in tutoring undergraduate and high school level biology and mathematics, and also capable of tutoring high school physics and chemistry. She masters at grasping the key points in each subject, answers every question patiently and carefully and emphasizes on the puzzles of each question. During tutoring, she also strengthens students’ interests on the study through humor and emphasizing. She suits the student’s need through tailoring the difficulty levels and fundamentals for each student.

Cherry Zhang

Mr. Zhou

Star Instructor in Math&Science

Mr. Zhou graduated from the UCSD (University of California, San Diego) with a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering. During his senior high school education in China, he was awarded several disciplinary competitions and was recommended for university study without taking the entrance examinations. He got his Bachelor of Engineering degree from a top University in China. During his graduate studies, he worked as a teaching assistant for a major course to help undergraduates to study and answer the questions. Zhou is good at teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry, calculus and other subjects. He focuses on guiding students’ interest, with humorous language to teach complex knowledge, which can help the students learn more efficiently.


Star Instructor in Science

Tim graduated from Simon Fraser University with a B.Sc in Physics, minored in Mathematics. He is proficient in tutoring high school level physics and mathematics. When Tim was in undergrad, he started tutoring high school student privately in spare time. Having done half of his high school study in Vancouver, Tim is able to combine Asian and Western teaching methods and very familiar with the current BC curriculum. He is also good at simplifying the difficulty with easy approaches. Tim is known for his vivid and witty lecture and no matter how boring the materials are, he can always help to improve students’ learning efficiency.

WeChat Image_20170821135221


Star Instructor in English

Cecilia graduated from SFU with a Master of Education in TEF/SL. Her second foreign language is Japanese, and she passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). She has teaching experiences educational institutes in both China and Vancouver. She also volunteered as a teaching assistant in a Vancouver non-profited institute. Based on these experiences, she is able to understand students’ needs, and she is capable to communicate with students who had different backgrounds.

Fan(Ivan) Xu

Star Instructor in Math&Science

Ivan graduated from the University of British Columbia with a master degree of science in Botany and gained valuable teaching experience in UBC. During his study as a graduate student, he worked as a teaching assistant for undergrad biology courses and a first-year elementary course instructor. He has received plenty of good comments from both students and other instructors due to his detailed lesson plans, attractive lecture and easy-going characteristic. Ivan is also proficient in tutoring high school and undergraduate level Biology and Chemistry courses, and high school Mathematics. He is enthusiastic in teaching, interacting with students and helping them solve academic problems and summarize key points in each subject. He firmly believes that study should be fun.



Star Instructor in Math&Science

Joe graduated from Sichuan University with a major in Biology. After that, Joe got his master degree in Neurophysiology in Nanjing University. He has devoted himself to doing research on biomedical and biochemical fields for many years in both China and Vancouver. Joe can teach all science courses, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. He is especially good at tutoring students in laboratory design and data analysis of lab report. Joe has a great passion for education, and he is not only very patient with students but also very responsible for work. What Joe strongly believes is that there will be gains if students have paid great efforts.


Star Instructor in English

Although Carla was born and raised in BC, she set off for Europe and graduated from the University of Aveiro in Portugal with a Bachelor in English Language Education. She taught language at various Secondary Schools for 17 years. Upon Carla’s return to Canada, she obtained her TESL certificate and teaches ESL in Vancouver. Teaching English is her passion and the experience of meeting teens and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds has been a rewarding experience.



Star Instructor

Joshua graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Science with Distinction majoring in Biology. Following his graduation, he taught senior high school ESL in Japan for two years. Since he returned he has been teaching ESL, English grades 1-12, Mathematics grades 1-10, Sciences grades 1-10, AP biology 12 and Chemistry 11 in private tutor and small classroom settings till now. He is proficient in teaching sciences and also quite capable with English and Mathematics. He can alter the teaching methods to cater to the needs of the students, making sure that they have a solid foundation for any subject on which to build on. He loves to see his students succeed, and looks forward to seeing them exceed their own expectations.


Star Instructor in English

Grace graduated from the University of Toronto with an honors bachelor degree consisting of chemistry major and geography specialist. Her vast experience in thesis research and writing for various subjects has made her a favorite for English among many students (elementary school to first year university) and parents, as she does not only help with homework, but also with test preparation and proofreading. Due to her well-rounded knowledge, Grace also tutors ESL, general sciences, math (up to Grade 8), social studies, as well as university applications.  With just over a year of tutoring experience, many of her Grade 12 students have been admitted into their dream schools, including UT, UBC, McGill, and SFU.



Star Instructor in English&Science

Jerry graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biological Sciences. During his studies, he also obtained a Co-Operative Education Degree, as well as a Certificate of Educational Studies in TESL. Jerry has previously taught in the Lower Mainland, Taiwan, and South Korea; working with students ranging from elementary to high school, and even adult learners. He specializes in teaching English/ESL, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Mrs. Mo

Star Instructor in English

Mrs. Mo, holding a master degree, is amiable and patient, with years’ experience in IELTS training and ESL teaching. With “student-centered” teaching idea, Mrs. Mo mainly focuses on helping the students learn effectively based on task and project-oriented teaching methodologies. She designs various tasks according to different situations and aptitudes, aiming at facilitating students to achieve their goals within a certain period.



Star instructor in English

Tarmar Harris holds the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with high honors from Swarthmore College, Master of Arts in English Literature from Yale University and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of British Columbia, which indicates her outstanding academic background. She has wide experience in teaching high school students, from recent immigrants to native English speakers and made great efforts in helping students succeed in Canadian and US educational systems, from high school to university. Tarmar is proficient in teaching English reading and writing, SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc. Besides, her excellent academic and teaching abilities enable her to provide great support to students who apply to US and Canadian colleges and universities and she received a positive evaluation from 100% of the previous students. Tamar is strategic, creative, dedicated to excellence and she spares no efforts in making learning fun. She also believes in the importance of personalized and flexible instruction.

Janna(Yuxin) Qi

Administrative assistant (Vancouver)

Janna graduated from Simon Fraser University, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics. She completed the four-year university within the required time. During the studies in SFU, she was actively volunteering in some meaningful activities, which enables her to have strong communication skills and incomparable customer service skills. In addition, her working experiences in China helped her to gain multitasking and time management skills. She is a very dedicated employee to help to achieve company goals with positive, engaging attitude. Janna has been employed as the administrative assistant in Vancouver Branch. Her responsibilities include office reception, coordinating meeting schedules, document and files management, and office supplies and inventory management.

WeChat Image_20171018144342

Viola(Chuting) Wang

Branch Manager (Burnaby)

Viola graduated from the University of Victoria with a major in Economics. She was rewarded with a number of scholarships due to her outstanding academic performance. Enthusiastic and conscientious, Viola has once organized and led many group activities as an exchange student at Hong Kong University. Besides, she also volunteered to teach English in local community centers, which facilitated new immigrants to adapt to the new environment. She has various internship experience during her undergraduate years, which armed her with excellent communication and leadership skills for the current position. Viola currently works as Burnaby branch’s manager at Time Education, and her responsibilities include business development, management operation, educational strategy formulation, and course planning and university application instruction.

Yale(Siyao) Liu

Administrative Assistant (Richmond)

Yale is currently working in the Parker Place Branch as an administrative assistant and responsible for all general admin duties in the branch, including inputting and updating a variety of data in the student system, coordinating the flow of information and paperwork, assisting the manager in establishment and optimization of office procedures, training and providing work direction and guidance to new school office assistants, etc. After graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, Yale came to UBC for her Master of Education degree. She is passionate about education and has teaching experience in several tutoring schools and international schools both in Vancouver and China. She once played the role of English instructor in UBC-Ritsumeikan Exchange Program, which indicated her excellent academic background and teaching ability. Besides, Yale is also proficient in marketing, teamwork and communicating with students and parents. Highly responsible and reliable, Yale is greatly valued at the current position.

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