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School Education (All-Subjects)

School Education (All-Subjects):AP and IB subjects; ESL upgrading; School English; K-12 all subjects
(Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science, Social Study and etc.); University courses.

ESL classes

We tailor our classes to the students’ particular needs. We focus on teaching listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills, and we give particular attention and consideration to developing skills that will help each student advance as rapidly as possible into non-ESL course work and studies.

School English

taught by working public high school English teachers and instructors from private schools. All our classes are taught in accordance and compliance with the requirements of  government standards. For those students needing to upgrade their academic skills, we ensure our teaching methods focus on the skills training that will upgrade reading and writing performance levels so that compulsory standardized examinations will be no barrier to academic success.

English reading classes

taught by working public high school English teachers and instructors from private schools. We teach students how to master reading various formats. Whether your needs are to read and understand poetry, nobles, or technical articles, we teach you the skills and tools you will need to comprehend the written word.  We will teach you to understand and appreciate what authors want to communicate, and in time your passion for reading will flourish. We make a point of teaching reading skills in such a way that you will be able to use these tools to further develop, to become a great writer.

English writing classes

taught by working public high school English teachers and instructions from private schools with the objective of developing and refining students’ capacities for critical thinking. We teach you how to compose in a variety of formats—the essay, poetry, analytical article, narrative essay…We study how other people have used writing to communicate effectively, and explore various techniques and methods in order to help you find your own unique ‘voice’ as a writer or story teller.

English vocabulary classes

taught by working public high school school teachers and private school  instructors. We teach vocabulary and basic grammar as a foundation for building English language skills. Whether your needs involve building basic vocabulary or gaining a knowledge of academic (Latin and Greek based) English vocabulary, we can can tailor a course for your needs. Our vocabulary classes provide the strongest foundation possible for continuing work with classes involving or focusing on reading or composition skills.

Math class AP.IB class

taught by Dr.Tang, this course provides each student with a solid foundation. The class teaches students learning and comprehension skills so they can tackle any and every math problem.

Physics AP.IB classes

Dr.Tang teaches the course and helps students not only understand physics problems, but the logic behind the solutions to those problems.

Calculus classes

taught by Dr.Tang and other excellent teachers, as well as Professor teaching.

Chemistry AP.IB classes

taught by high school teachers, tutorial sessions and small classes are designed to meet the needs of students with the aim of raising grades and in-class school performance.

Biology classes, history classes, psychology classes, science classes

taught by current public and private school school teachers with valid accreditation.

Computer Science

taught by UBC professor, help you with programs, and test, like C++, JAVA, VB, VF, Access and so on.